Guaranteed Search


When you choose our service, we deploy a series of well-articulated steps designed to end with you hiring an individual, selected from a panel of qualified candidates. These steps include: drafting a Client Value Proposition for your review and approval, sourcing a prospect list and then making prospecting calls to everyone on the prospective candidate list, which generally yields 8-20 interested and qualified candidates and then conducting in-depth interviews to determine whether or not the candidate meets the basic qualifications established in the position description. We then conduct final interviews with 5-7 candidates, promoting transcendent values, as opposed to compensation to induce candidate interest and then present 3-5 of the most qualified candidates for you to interview. We assist in negotiation, upon request and remain in contact with the candidate selected to ensure an orderly transition. This process is designed to produce a placement within approximately 30-45 days. We charge a flat fee and guarantee any placement that we make for a period of one year.